IoMT Solutions, powered by Back Thru The Future®, has been providing regulatory compliant electronic recycling, data destruction, and electronic inventory management services for over 30 years 

We have the expertise and experience to guide our clients through this complicated landscape. 


Certified destruction of defective, surplus or obsolete medical devices with UDI tracking provides regulatory compliance and liability protection.


Minimize the impact of manufacturing and decommissioning with environmentally responsible, compliant recycling, and proper disposal.

Returns and Excess Inventory

Whether you want to clear out defective products and excess parts or offer a trade in program to customers to upgrade models, IoMT will help manage your excess inventory securely.

FDA US Federal Law 21 CFR 821 states that manufacturers and/or distributors of class II or III medical devices must track If and when applicable, the date the device was explanted, the date of the patient’s death, or the date the device was returned to the distributor, permanently retired from use, or otherwise permanently disposed of. See more

Data Security  

Because technology is constantly evolving and improving, electronic equipment has become smarter, more powerful, smaller, and less expensive. The functionality is contained on tiny circuitry—and in many cases so is patient data, network information, and other sensitive information. Manufacturers, medical device distributors, laboratories, and health systems face a huge challenge when disposing of electronic equipment that has any type of memory since sensitive data must be securely removed before recycling, reusing or reselling. 

Besides the concern of data security, manufacturers are required to maintain auditable records of all destruction activities in order to prove compliance. IoMT Solution’s destruction services have been specifically designed to comply with State and legal data destruction requirements. 

Environmental Concerns                                                                                                                       Currently, many states require that all devices with electronic circuitry be recycled by qualified electronic recyclers and not end up in a landfill. Besides the potential problem of a data breach, the fines for improper disposal of electronic equipment are huge. IoMT Solutions environmentally compliant processes can also eliminate excess and obsolete plastics, metal, and glass materials used in the manufacturing of medical devices and other electronic equipment. 

Expertise and experience in the destruction and recycling of electronics 

For over 30 years, IoMT Solutions, powered by Back Thru The Future® has established itself as a trusted partner in the regulatory compliant disposal of regulated electronic devices.  We look forward to providing you a proposal for the certified destruction of your obsolete medical devices.  


  • We are a NAID AAA certified secure data destruction business for both plant based and mobile shredding operations. 
  • We are ISO 9001,14001 and 45001 certified. 
  • We are both a Federal EPA and NJ State licensed Universal Waste Destination facility for the recycling of electronics and batteries 
  • We are R2 (Responsible Recycling) certified. 
  • We are a WBENC certified Woman’s Owned Business. 
  • We maintain a cloud based compliance document archive for all destruction and recycling project records which provides immediate access to all your project documentation in the event of audits.