Returns and Inventory Management

Returns Management

IoMT Solutions partners with medical device manufacturers that offer a return program to their customers. As new product versions are released, removing the prior versions from the market allows for better pricing control, as well as having predictable supply chain needs for consumables and parts.  

IoMT will arrange for pickup from your facility, or your customers can ship their devices directly to our secure New Jersey warehouse. Having the returns sent to us means that IoMT will: 

  • Destroy the hard drives and other electronic components. 
  • Recycle the plastics, metals, and glass. 
  • Provide certificates of destruction and recycling for every item received. 

We will work with you to tailor a returns program that works with your manufacturing and device needs that keeps you compliant with all environmental and security regulations. 

Our EPA audit report provides the details required to pass an EPA audit

We document each project with a report listing the manufacturer, model, type of equipment, weight and serial number and/or UDI of every item of equipment recycled.  This EPA audit report provides a record supporting your compliance to the recycling regulations.  Without a detailed legally valid environmental compliance certificate and audit report you could be held financially responsible for any environmental clean up costs if one of your devices is disposed of illegally.   

Documented termination: 

Medical device manufacturers are required by the FDA to maintain up-to-date tracking records on certain medical devices.  It is in the manufactures best interest to have explanted, defective, surplus or obsolete devices permanently destroyed and recycled with UDI tracked destruction certification. The tracking provision is intended to ensure that manufacturers can expeditiously remove potentially dangerous or defective devices from the market and/or notify patients of significant device problems. Medical Devices that do not fall under the FDA’s tracking rule should still be destroyed for the safety and security of the brand. 

Title 821.25, 3, viii – Medical Device Tracking Requirements states a manufacturer must maintain the following records: “If and when applicable, the date the device was returned to the manufacturer, permanently retired from use, or otherwise permanently disposed of.” Read more 

Excess Inventory 

Whether you have excess parts, obsolete product, or defective devices taking up space, IoMT solutions can take your unwanted inventory and recycle it, leaving you with all required certificates and inventory control documentation.  

If needed, IoMT Solutions can arrange for a regularly scheduled pick up or shipment, or on an as-needed basis. 

Quarantine your obsolete parts, recalls, returns, and defective devices. We can help you dispose of glass, plastics, metals, and electronic components.

Call us for a price or to arrange pick up or shipment. We can arrange regularly scheduled logistics or on an as-needed basis.

Our facility is purged of all unwanted electronic parts and equipment and you are provided with a full audit trail and compliance documentation.

Customized Solutions

IoMT Solutions will work with you to tailor a destruction and recycling plan that works with your medical device recycling needs. We can pick up your inventory at a pre-determined schedule or on an as-needed basis, have it shipped to our secure facility, or have the end user return it directly to us. IoMT Solutions will disassemble your medical devices and shred the electronics, ensuring regulatory compliance and full lifecycle tracking. We can perform a single service, or a combination of destruction/shredding and recycling. All project documentation, including the original project quote, pre and post project email communication, the entire documented, auditable chain of possession, and all secure destruction and recycling certification is maintained in our proprietary cloud-based document archive “Compliance Library™”