Medical Device Recycling

The manufacturing process often leads to an excess inventory of obsolete parts, non-working product, and excess material. IoMT Solutions will facilitate the removal of that unwanted material with an environmentally safe process. We have been providing environmentally compliant medical device recycling services for over 25 years. We have well over 1000 clients located throughout the United States, with a focus on CT, NJ, NY and PA.

Documented Control of Medical Device Disposal:  

IoMT Solutions, powered by Back Thru The Future® provides electronic recycling services to medical device manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare facilities. All medical devices are destroyed in our certified secure Northern NJ DEP licensed recycling facility. Destruction is accomplished by both disassembly and shredding.  We track individual device manufacturer’s serial numbers and UDI numbers.  All compliance documentation, including secure tracking information, is then stored in our secure cloud based “Compliance Library™” document archive. These detailed records are available to you 24/7/365 through a unique password protected web portal. 


All Project Documentation can be accessed 24/7 from our cloud based “Compliance Library™”. This provides easy access for operations management and audits.

Inventory Management

We can pick up your computer equipment on your desired schedule with our secure and GPS tracked vehicles manned by our highly trained and background checked technicians.

Our EPA audit report lists every item of equipment we recycle for you by manufacturer, model, type of equipment, serial number, and weight.

R2 & NAID Compliant

We are a Federal EPA and NJ DEP licensed “universal waste electronics destination facility”. We have the authority of the Federal EPA to issue a legally valid recycling environmental compliance certificate in all 50 States.

Control Unauthorized Resale:

The unauthorized resale of your devices could have devastating consequences for your brand, as well as your reputation. Many recyclers actually refurbish equipment and resell it to offset their costs. They may (or may not) adequately wipe the drives and memory from the devices they sell. At any time, data may be retrieved, or a defective device may still be on the market. IoMT Solutions provides detailed certificates of destruction for all devices that need to be removed from the market. Your devices will then never be sold to another downstream vendor to remarket them. Without the influx of secondhand equipment on the market, manufacturers have more control of their new devices while also reducing issues involved with used equipment usage.

Title 821.25, 3, viii – Medical Device Tracking Requirements states a manufacturer must maintain the following records: “If and when applicable, the date the device was returned to the manufacturer, permanently retired from use, or otherwise permanently disposed of.” see more

Environmental Compliance: 

IoMT Solutions, powered by Back Thru the Future® is ISO 14001 certified, a US EPA and NJ DEP licensed Universal Waste destination facility for the processing and handling of electronics and batteries. We are R2 (Responsible Recycling) certified and provide environmental compliance certificates that are valid in all 50 states. 

  • IEC medical device manufacturing standard 60601-1-9 requires that manufacturers provide instructions with their device to minimize the environmental impact of the product during normal usage and must include information for the proper disposal at the end of life. 
  • ISO 14971 deals with the influence medical devices have on the environment and the management of the associated environmental risk. Proper end of life disposal is part of the standard’s environmental sustainability objectives. 
  • ISO 14001 includes guidance on implementing processes for managing environmental concerns throughout the medical device’s lifespan. 

Customized Solutions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 IoMT Solutions will tailor a destruction and recycling plan that works with your medical device recycling needs. We will pick up your inventory at a pre-determined schedule or on an as-needed basis, have it shipped to our secure facility, or have it returned it directly to us. IoMT Solutions will then disassemble your medical devices and shred the electronics. This ensures regulatory compliance and full lifecycle tracking. We can perform a single service, or a combination of destruction/shredding and recycling. All project documentation (including the original project quote, pre and post project email communication, the entire documented, auditable chain of possession, and all secure destruction and recycling certification) is maintained in our proprietary cloud-based document archive “Compliance Library

Our EPA audit report provides the details required to pass an EPA audit

We document each project with a report listing the manufacturer, model, type of equipment, weight and serial number and/or UDI of every item of equipment recycled.  This EPA audit report provides a record supporting your compliance to the recycling regulations.  Without a detailed, legally valid environmental compliance certificate and audit report, you could be held financially responsible for any environmental clean up costs if a one of your devices is disposed of illegally.   

IoMT Solution’s provides Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors, and Health Care Providers with: 

  • A simple, flexible process 
  • Cloud based, digital documentation, available 24/7 
  • Project quality control 
  • Over 30 years in electronic recycling experience 
  • Same day written quotes