Medical Device Destruction

Whether you want to destroy recalled or obsolete devices, protect patient data embedded in electronic components, or ensure that the devices do not end up on the used market, IoMT Solutions will shred the electronic components in your devices. We have developed an expertise in the disassembly, destruction/ shredding, and environmentally compliant destruction and recycling of all types of medical devices containing electronic circuitry and computer equipment. We provide these services to medical equipment manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare facilities.  

Documented termination: 

Medical device manufactures are required by the FDA to maintain up-to-date tracking records on certain medical devices.  It is in the manufactures best interest to have explanted, defective, surplus or obsolete devices permanently destroyed and recycled with UDI tracked destruction certification: 

Title 821.25, 3, viii – Medical Device Tracking Requirements states a manufacturer must maintain the following records: “If and when applicable, the date the device was returned to the manufacturer, permanently retired from use, or otherwise permanently disposed of.”  see more

No matter what your reason for wanting to destroy your electronic devices you will meet two primary objectives: 

1. Your product is destroyed in such a manner that it can never be reused or identified as coming from your organization. 
2. The resulting materials from the destruction process be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate and regulatory compliant manner. 

Electronic technology is constantly evolving becoming more powerful, smaller and less expensive. Keep in mind that this technology is just hardware. 

Understanding the challenges of destroying devices containing electronic circuitry

Electronic circuitry are the brains of your devices that contain the unique value of your product on the circuitry. The true value add of this technology is the firmware programmed into the circuitry that makes it do what you need it to do. This programming is contained on incredibly small electronic chips embedded on the circuit boards. From a reverse engineering standpoint recovering your unique programming from a chip is a relatively simple task. Therefore, it is imperative that the chips themselves must be destroyed. Destroying obsolete and defective devices protects your brand. 

De-manufacturing of your medical devices accomplishes three important destruction objectives: 

1. The circuit boards are removed for specialized handling, shredding and recycling. 
2. Batteries are removed for separate environmentally required recycling. 
3. Other materials such as plastics and metals are separated for further specialized recycling. 

Control Unauthorized Resale:  

The unauthorized resale of your devices could have devastating consequences for your brand, as well as your reputation. Many recyclers actually refurbish equipment and resell it to offset their costs. They may (or may not) adequately wipe the drives and memory from the devices they sell. At any time, data may be retrieved, or a defective device may still be on the market. IoMT Solutions provides detailed certificates of destruction for all devices that need to be removed from the market. Your devices will then never be sold to another downstream vendor to remarket them. Without the influx of secondhand equipment on the market, manufacturers have more control of their new devices while also reducing issues involved with used equipment usage.

Shredding and recycling your devices electronic circuitry

Shredding the circuit boards assures that nothing short of a laboratory based reconstruction effort could ever recover your proprietary product design or patient data. The shredding is performed in a highly secure environment. The shredded particles are then sent to precious metal refining facilities where the shredded material is melted and the valuable metals recovered. This recycling process assures you that all proprietary information is destroyed. 

Customized Solutions:

IoMT Solutions will work with you to tailor a destruction and recycling plan that works with your medical device destruction needs. We can pick up your inventory at a pre-determined schedule or on an as-needed basis, have it shipped to our secure facility, or have the end user return it directly to us. IoMT Solutions will disassemble your medical devices and shred the electronics, ensuring regulatory compliance and full lifecycle tracking. We can perform a single service, or a combination of destruction/shredding and recycling. All project documentation, including the original project quote, pre and post project email communication, the entire documented, auditable chain of possession, and all secure destruction and recycling certification is maintained in our proprietary cloud-based document archive “Compliance Library.

We are both a Federal EPA registered and NJ State licensed electronic recycling facility as well as being one of a very few electronic recyclers that is both NAID AAA and PCI DSS certified secure. We maintain the electronic recycling industry’s highest certifications.

IoMT Solutions, powered by Back Thru The Future, operates a fully integrated electronics recycling operation from the shredding of the electronic components to the highly specialized ability to sort the shredded components into pure recyclable materials. We protect you from the regulatory risks associated with the medical device disposal process and provide the documentation to prove it.

There are over 500 Federal and State regulations governing electronic disposal, IoMT Solutions understands these risks and has the proven tools and the experience to guide our clients through this complicated regulatory landscape. With over 1000 clients and 30 years of industry experience we have developed a simple and easy to implement project management process. We are a certified secure destruction facility and provide certificates of destruction with detailed listings of the devices destroyed.

IoMT Electronic Shredding History

In 2005 we became the first company in the US to offer the shredding of hard drives as a stand-alone data security service.  

In 2006, we became the first electronic recycling company in the US to be certified as a NAID AAA secure hard drive shredding facility.  

Our initial electronic shredding equipment was a high capacity four shaft metal shredding machine with input and output conveyors. Electronic devices are made up of four different recyclable materials: aluminum, stainless steel, ferrous metal and circuit boards. Over time we developed a highly efficient and proprietary materials separation process that provides us with a significant additional source of revenue and a major pricing competitive advantage over shredders with no electronic recycling capabilities. 

With this advantage we have been able to afford the large initial investment for three highly customized onsite hard drive shredding vehicles. These high capacity vehicles provide us with the ability to tackle the largest onsite shred projects in a very time efficient manner as well as provide flexibility for time sensitive projects. These high capacity trucks along with our in house shredding capabilities provide us with the highest hard drive shredding capacity in the industry. 

IoMT Solutions, Powered by Back Thru The Future provides a unique blend of electronic recycling credentials and hard drive shredding experience and capabilities unmatched by any other company in the secure data destruction industry. We believe that secure data destruction services represent an important business partnership and we are a partner that you can trust.