Case Study

How Keto-Mojo Implemented an Environmentally Compliant Return Program

A 2021 Case Study

The Challenges

#1 Keto-Mojo was looking for a safe, environmentally conscious solution for the disposal of their previous generation blood glucose and ketone meters, when their customers were ready to upgrade to a newer model.

#2 Keto-Mojo needed to comply with HIPAA regulations for the destruction of their customer’s personal medical information stored on the blood glucose and ketone testing meters they manufacture.

#3 They wanted an inexpensive, environmentally responsible solution that protected their customer’s private information- all with zero landfill waste.

#4 In order to maximize customer participation, the process needed to be hassle-free and easy to implement.

Who is Keto-Mojo?

Keto-Mojo is a California based company that was founded on the principle of making the ketogenic lifestyle accessible, approachable, and enjoyable to the millions of people who can benefit from this way of life.

Keto-Mojo produces state-of-the-art blood glucose and ketone testing meters and strips for people following a ketogenic diet. They offer a lifetime warranty on the meters.

Founded in 2017, by entrepreneurs Dorian Greenow and his wife Gemma Kochis, Keto-Mojo is an independently owned company. To learn more about Keto-Mojo visit:

The Approach

Genevieve Schlangen, Special Operations Project Manager at Keto-Mojo, began her search on Google. She knew her highest priority was the HIPAA regulations that, as a medical device manufacturer, Keto-Mojo needed to adhere to. She contacted four companies that could facilitate the recycling of their customer’s meters.

IoMT Solutions, powered by Back Thru The Future, was the most economical and flexible. They were also able to supply customized tracking, based on USPS and device serial numbers and supply a secure portal for reporting.

Keto-Mojo sent a sample unit to IoMT Solutions to review the disassembly process and recycling and destruction needs for the devices.

Keto-Mojo created an instruction sheet and provided a Paid-On-Use return label printed directly onto an envelope.

The instructions included information about battery removal, and what items should be returned for recycling.

When their customers purchased the upgraded, newer blood glucose and ketone model, the instruction sheet and a postage-paid return envelope was included.

Alternatively, customers who simply just wanted to dispose of their meters in an environmentally compliant way while protecting their digital information could contact Keto-Mojo’s customer service and be issued a return label to ship directly to IoMT Solutions secure warehouse without purchasing a new model.

IoMT Solutions started receiving Keto-Mojo units in October, 2020.

Results – The First 5 Months

In Conclusion

“While we loved that IoMT Solutions and Back Thru The Future is woman owned and operated, the real draw for us was the security of knowing that we were working with a vendor that knew and followed all environmental and data security compliance regulations. The whole process has been easy to implement and a total success.”

-Genevieve Schlangen, Special Operations Project Manager at Keto-Mojo

Founded in 1990, IoMT Solutions, powered by Back Thru The Future, provides technology disposal services to over 900 organizations. We are a licensed US EPA Universal Waste Destination Facility for the processing and recycling of electronics as well as a NAID certified secure destruction facility.

IoMT Solutions is a certified Woman Owned Business (WBE) by the NJ Department of Commerce and WBENC.