Healthcare Waste

Medical Life Sciences News recently posted an article about Sustainable Management of Healthcare Waste. The article states that “The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies biomedical waste (BMW) as number 2 on the list of hazardous wastes, necessitating strict disposal policies which must be enforced by hospitals and waste treatment units in unison, to prevent contamination … More Healthcare Waste

New Jersey Biotech

According to the HealthCare Institute of New Jersey, the Garden State is the #1 state for life science companies. From biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, diagnostic and computer products companies, thousands of New Jersey Biotech businesses have been leading the states economy, and advancing human health for the last 135 years. Here’s some interesting facts about … More New Jersey Biotech

Medical ID Theft

ABC News recently ran an article about the dangers of medical ID theft. Medical ID theft happens when someone steals your Medicare or health insurance number to steal treatment, prescriptions or submit claims all under your name. The Federal Trade Commission has labeled it “a growing menace”. According to, medical identity theft can happen … More Medical ID Theft

Solid State Batteries – Smaller, stronger, and safer

What are solid state batteries ? According to Samsung, a lithium-ion battery is composed of cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte. A lithium-ion battery applied at smartphones, power tools and EVs uses liquid electrolyte solution. On the other hand, solid state batteries use solid electrolyte, not liquid.  Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, have a separator that keeps cathode and … More Solid State Batteries – Smaller, stronger, and safer

The Challenges of Recycling in New Jersey

NJ Business Magazine recently published an article written by Melanie J. Haga, CEO at IoMT Solutions about the challenges of recycling in New Jersey. The article talks about the New Jersey businesses that are left with excess computer equipment in the post pandemic recovery. Corporations, businesses, manufacturers, laboratories, health systems and educational facilities face a … More The Challenges of Recycling in New Jersey