IoMT Solutions

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) encompasses a large amount of devices used in the medical industry. From personal devices, biomedical, telemedicine, monitoring devices, to computers, printers, testing equipment, and life saving devices, the IoMT is becoming larger, while the devices are getting smaller and smarter. 

The IoMT can improve or save a patient’s life, monitor their health and progress, and allow for remote healthcare. Connected devices are adding value and having an impact on medicine at an exceptional speed. But with progress, comes challenges.   

Medical Device manufacturers face many challenges beyond the initial research, development, manufacturing and marketing of their products. Additionally, more than other wireless tools, IoMT devices can make it more difficult to protect patient data, which can often reside on devices, long after it’s taken out of use. 


Certified destruction of defective, surplus or obsolete medical devices with UDI tracking provides regulatory compliance and liability protection.


Minimize the impact of manufacturing and decommissioning with environmentally responsible and compliant recycling and proper disposal.

Returns and Inventory Management

Whether you want to clear out defective products and excess parts or offer a trade in program to customers to upgrade models, IoMT will help manage your excess inventory securely.

IoMT Solutions helps medical device manufacturers navigate:

  • Control of the used market 
  • Lifecycle device tracking regulations 
  • Product recalls  
  • Trade-in and upgrade programs 
  • Environmentally responsible disposal 

IoMT Solution’s secure process provides:  

  • Documented termination of regulatory device tracking requirements 
  • Regulatory and industry environmental compliance standards for disposal  
  • Assurance against unauthorized and uncontrolled re-marketing of your devices  
  • Destruction of all sensitive data that might be recorded on your device  
  • Disposal vendor due diligence: qualified, experienced, capable, and responsible 

IoMT Solutions can help medical device manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and laboratories manage the disposal of IoMT devices through fully secure and compliant recycling and data destruction.  

Protecting manufacturers from environmental and regulatory risk is our business 

With over 25 years of experience and over 1000 clients in the Northeast, we are one of the most capable electronic recycling and secure data destruction companies in the country – period. 

We provide regulatory compliant electronic disposal services focused on protecting our clients from the unintentional failure to follow State and Federal environmental and data privacy regulations. Our procedures and documentation have been perfected over years of involvement with developing industry standards and regulatory requirements.  

IoMT Solutions – Powered by Back Thru The Future

Federal EPA registered Universal Waste (Electronic Recycling) Destination Facility

Our environmental compliance document is legally recognized in all 50 states.

NJ DEP licensed Class D Universal Waste (Electronic Recycling) Processing Facility

We are one of only 10 NJ based computer recycling facilities that are identified under the NJ E-Waste law as “authorized” computer recyclers.

ISO 9001- QMS, 14001- EMS, 45001- OH & S Certified

ISO (International Standards Organization) certification is an audited set of International standards that require all processes to be documented and that a rigorous quality control process be maintained. This includes not only internal processes but also requires us to monitor customer satisfaction.

100% of our customer surveys rate us “excellent” for project related communications.

NAID AAA Certified – First in USA (2005)

We were the first licensed computer recycler in the US to receive the NAID AAA secure data destruction certification for hard drive shredding.

R2 Certified

R2 (Responsible Recycling) is an international recycling industry standard for the environmentally proper disposal of electronic equipment. R2 certification is an audited process confirming that the recycling business has appropriate policies and procedures for the disposal of obsolete electronics. R2, ISO (Environmental, OSHA, Quality Control) and NAID AAA security certifications are considered the “gold” standard for regulatory “Vendor Due Diligence” requirements. Back Thru The Future is one of a small number of electronic recyclers in the US with all these certifications as well as being a US EPA and NJ DEP licensed “Universal Waste Destination Facility” for the processing of electronics.

WBENC certified woman’s owned business and SBA certified small business enterprise

We meet with your organizations vendor diversity objectives.

On Site Hard Drive Shredding- First in New Jersey (2014)

We were the first and only company in NJ to be able to legally provide onsite hard drive shredding. We continue to be the only computer recycling company in NJ that can provide both NAID AAA secure data destruction certification and the regulatory required environmental compliance certification for the proper recycling of the shredded hard drive material.